Winter Overnight Cruise – Doubtful Sound

It may be cooler on Doubtful Sound this winter but then so is going skiing in Queenstown; and that’s still a popular pastime.

And the boat is still very warm!

The cruise is much longer (almost 2 days) and the weather surprisingly more settled. We don’t get day breezes like in summer so the temperatures can be surprisingly warm.

And there is still plenty to do!

The dead calm waters reflect the snow-capped mountains providing excellent photo opportunities on a clear blue-sky day.

The Tawaki (Fiordland Crested penguins) cruise about the fiord looking for food and Kekno (fur seals) still frolic by the rocks; and the mist from a bottle-nose dolphins breath is simply not to be missed.

The lobsters are still very plentiful and the blue cod are still very fresh. The food is still scrumptious and kayaking among these awesome vistas, with no-one else around; is still a very moving experience!

The crew are still friendly and the boat is still a small boat experience. You will still get to meet great fellow travelers and you will still have some laughs.

And at at the end of your Winter Doubtful Sound Overnight Cruise with Fiordland Expeditions we will still provide you with memories that last a lifetime!

The only differences are; the cruises are much longer and there are even less people around.


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