Diving in Fiordland

Jacques Cousteau put Fiordland in his Top 10 list of places to dive and we’ve had several photo-journalists who rate it even higher.

The scenery is superb and the visibility can be fantastic with in excess of 40 meters quite common. For this reason diving in Fiordland can be difficult but as long as you keep situational awareness a top priority great enjoyment can be had from diving in this pristine pre-historic environment.

With black corals hundreds of years old and brachiopods from before the dinosaur ages; this underwater arena has so much to see. Carved out by glacial activity over millions of years means the sides of the fjords can disappear for hundreds of meters; holding your place off the wall and watching what goes on is probably the closest thing you’ll get to being in space.

And the harvesting of seafood since the commercial closure of the inner fjords means there is plenty to go around for the table.

A dive charter with Fiordland Expeditions is definitely a great way to see this majestic underwater world.

Special Note: Due to the new adventure activity regulations we can only offer diving from the vessel under special new rules. Please contact us to discuss.

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