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Fishing in Fiordland can be some of the best in the country… especially if you get out on the coast. With good catches being made out there it does not take too long to fill your bag limit

There are many varieties of fish to catch that are great eating in Fiordland. From the favoured southern ‘blue cod’ and hapuka to terakihi, trumpeter, blue nose, gurnard, butterfish, sea perch and of course in season we even get blue-fin, skipjack and albacore tuna.

And with little commercial and recreational pressure on this area the populations can be quite staggering. So there is plenty of reason to make you next fishing trip a sojourn to Fiordland.

But we offer more in our charters than just filling the bag limit. There is heaps to see and do when you come with us. There is lots of history in Fiordland and plenty of sites to visit as we explore the vastness of this prehistoric world.

And at Fiordland Expeditions we are about sustainable practices in all that we do. We like to ensure there is plenty left behind for our children; and our children’s children.

Blue Cod Fishery in Decline.

Yes it’s true! But don’t be too alarmed as this is a minor problem at this stage. There is still plenty of fish around but if we don’t act now the fishing may soon be poor!

For that reason we go further than the current recreational requirements, waiting even longer before we take the fish (36cm instead of 33cm); thus allowing them to breed even more before they are taken. We believe in this way the fishery is assured growth.

We also support the commercial quota reduction of the blue cod fishery by agreeing to match their effort. We will make the same commitment and also reduce our take by 20%… and challenge all other operators and public in Fiordland to do the same! That still leaves you 16 blue cod you each can keep which is still very generous when you look at what has happened in other areas.

With these efforts we’re confident the fishery will quickly blossom again.

So if you think what we offer is pretty special then come along on a fishing charter and enjoy what we do..

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